Jennifer Davis (sigje) wrote,
Jennifer Davis


Found from Tom L. I didn't realize France has 100Mbs + TV + Television for $45 a month. Some people are saying that well France is smaller than the US. It isn't that the US has to have the same bandwidth everywhere... but there just isn't this capability _at all_. Not even in SF. There really isn't enough competition.

I am biased.. considering I decided to go with Covad in March.. pay for my 6Mbs download.. and it's incredibly unreliable. For $135 a month I mostly get 2-3Mbs. I just don't have the time to spend on the phone every month to get them to sort out the circuit. I'm wondering if it's the modem, but I don't really know what I can do.

The latest bit from Covad is that I can pay them for their time, gas, and new equipment for them to come and fix the problem.


Prior to this I had Comcast cable internet access. Comcast would do wacky things like rate limit particular sites, or go out for a day because someone in the apartment complex moved in and was getting new service and comcast operator would switch out my line with a broken line. I actually got more consistent speedy results with comcast, and got cable as well! Still nothing 6Mbs like.

I don't feel that I can support Comcast with some of the dodgy decisions they make with regards to deciding who can do what with their internet connection.

I don't have many options to choose from though. It's frustrating.
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