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First hike of 2009

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve is one of the closest hiking parks to me, which is why I chose this as the first hike of the year. I'm recovering from a cold/bronchitis and I figured it would be the easiest to get back from if I wasn't feeling great.

While the website claims that there are only 15 parking spaces (and there really is only 15 real parking spaces), folks tend to park in a line behind the cars already there as well. This makes for incredibly tight maneuvering when you leave.

This seems to be a very popular place to take dogs for walks, and as it borders on the Garrod Farms land known for horses and wine, it gets a lot of horse visitors as well.

I met a nice couple with a corgi as I was getting out of my car. The corgi was absolutely gorgeous, friendly, and curious. I talked to them for a bit and they told me about the difficulties, but rewarding aspects of being corgi owners. He was very intelligent and responding to words he knew, his ears perking up. After seeing that corgi, I actually would put corgi on the list of breeds that I might possibly get as a pet. Apparently it's a great dog to go hiking with :)

With today's hike, I headed out towards the open area on the left rather than following the Cora Older Trail straight up. Around the first bend I saw this tree:

Tree - Fremont Older Open Space Preserve

I love trees, so I tend to take a lot of pictures of trees. This particular tree has a good symmetry, which makes it interesting to me. I tend to doodle this style of tree. I realized today that I should take the time to really look at the photos I take of trees, and practice sketching the trees that I see rather than just doodling "a tree".

A little ways in, I decided to branch off to the right and follow the Creekside Trail (figuring I would get to see some water).

The trail starts off across a bridge:
Creekside Trail - Fremont Older Open Space Preserve but I never did really see any water.

I'm really curious about what this could be:
Creekside Trail - Fremont Older Open Space Preserve It looks like foundations from a house. I've made some casual searches on the internet for more information, but couldn't find anything.

Steps leading up to a big white house which I suspect is the Fremont Older historic house that is open to the public at special times of year.
Creekside Trail - Fremont Older Open Space Preserve

I followed the Hayfield trail up to the Toyon Trail, cut over to the Bay View Trail, and then came up the Vista Loop Trail, Fern Trail, ending off on the Coyote Ridge Trail (and back down Hayfield, and Cora Older Trail) for a grand total of a 4.1mile hike.

I met a family of mountain bikers near the start of the Bay View trail, and spent some time chatting to them. It was really awesome to see a mom, dad, kids on an outing like this (especially as I'd just hiked up the sticky muddy slope and knew that it was pretty difficult even hiking it).

Towards the end of my hike, there were three families that were really excited about seeing a bobcat sunning itself on a meadow over near the Cora Older trail. I felt ridiculous to some degree about being so excited to see a big animal in the wild, thinking I'm going to really get myself hurt, but it was just so exciting to think I could see this free thinking animal out in the wild not through the bars of a zoo. Sadly, it was gone. It probably saw me though :)

The rest of the photos from this hike can be perused up on Flickr under my Fremont Older Open Space set.

Many kudos to the driver of the Honda Accord that helped me get my car out of the tight spot it was wedged in with the tree to the left, and the car so closely parked behind me. He mentioned being a valet driver in a past life. He was a rockstar!

Jane Huber's hike from 2000 along different trails at Fremont Older Open Space Preserve.
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