Jennifer Davis (sigje) wrote,
Jennifer Davis

3 day, 60 mile walk

My friend Orla is committing herself to walking the 3 day, 60 mile walk towards a cure for breast cancer. If you are in the States, you've probably heard the advertisements on the radio.

60 miles. That's a lot. 3 days isn't a lot of time to do 60 miles in. It's not like she just will go and do the walk on the day either. She'll be training for this walk. Every mile of that, preparing for the event. To me that's more than what I can afford to donate, but I've done what I can. All the preparations that go toward this event.. and what does this achieve?

It helps the organizations that have helped increase awareness of this incredible risk to a woman's health (and incidentally to men as well since men get breast cancer as well!) Their finance information is freely available:

Many people probably know someone who is walking. If you don't, well now you've met Orla :) I encourage people to contribute something to whomever you know (or meet that is involved :), either time/money/or even just well wishes.

I don't know what official statistics are like, but I'm sure that _someone_ you know/love/cherish has been affected by breast cancer (and hopefully through the work in recent years had help towards detection/elimination).

Change occurs by all the small effects that we each have towards a better tomorrow.
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