Jennifer Davis (sigje) wrote,
Jennifer Davis

so I know I'm failing to understand something fundamental .. but the media is reporting that Palin is avoiding the press on her visit to washington d.c. to get Alaskan's a piece of the economy recovery pie.

What I don't understand is why if Alaska is able to give individuals checks because the income to the state is so big.. why isn't that money going towards the infrastructure that is needed? Where is the information about that somewhere in the press? I don't care about Palin's avoiding the press.

I do care about where economic stimulus money is going, as it really is pretty scary the depth of how much some people are affected.

I really would like to see more open information about what is being lobbied for and why. It's not that I can do anything about it directly, but being informed is making good decisions is a responsibility that we all share.
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