Jennifer Davis (sigje) wrote,
Jennifer Davis

Nook 1.1.1 Changes

I wanted to document some of the changes I have noticed with the Nook update forced on all Nook users today.

By forced, I mean it literally downloads without any input from the owner of the device. This is pretty surprising to me as it should at least ensure that the owner has charged their device up enough before pushing an update! My nook was at 20% charge and after the update it gave a message about needing to be plugged in. So either the update changed it's perception of batterly life, or it ate up some power while it updated.

I've noticed some remarks about this being a 1.1.0 release. My software says it's at 1.1.1. Previusly it said 1.0.0.

So changes I've noticed.

1) The UI for the My Library/Documents when you are in a book has changed. If you go back twice it does not take you to the listing of your library but the main screen. This has added an extra click to go back to My Library/Documents if I'm in a book.

2) New option of "View Item details and Options" .. Previously you just clicked on o to do this. Not intuitive when you first use the device, so this must be why they added the option. Pointless when you realize that o does the opening to view the details. Would have been useful if since adding this view item details option that they made O actually go straight to opening the book you've chosen.

3) Battery life/time always show now. Page number has been moved to the bottom to be associated with the scroll bar of how far you have gotten through the book.

4) I still can't open my epubs from Oreilly. What has changed as the formatting for every doesn't lock up the screen at the bottom requiring a hard power cycle. Instead I can get the touch pad to respond and go back to the main menu and go back to my library. It will be nice to be able to open epubs at some point that weren't purchased direct from B&N!

Things that haven't changed

1) I don't notice any difference in speed.
2) epubs still stay stuck in formatting mode.

Hope this helps others wondering what has happened with this update.

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