Jennifer Davis (sigje) wrote,
Jennifer Davis

So, been doing much better since going gluten-free/paleo diet mostly. There is this relatively new studies out about lectins and how they react to the body .. which helps explain some of the weird symptoms I've had.

Today I ate lunch out with folks and had bbq chicken with plum sauce plus a salad at Amarin Thai in Mountain View. I also had a latte (no sugar or splenda) after lunch at a place across the street. About an hour later I started having cramps, and have gotten quite sick repetitively. I also have a killer headache. I'm writing about it because I want to look up some stuff later about whether eating gluten can cause this reaction or whether this is more food poisoning related and might help others (once I figure it out if possible :)

Since changing my diet (Which involves cooking my own food most of the time), my stomach has been much much better. I don't have all the digestive issues which were driving me up a wall before which was a great side effect of changing diet that I didn't expect.

I ate some pecan pie over Christmas, but not the crust, and I had some sweet potatoes with marshmellowyness (which is a ton of sugar).. this resulted in a headache and digestive issues the next day but not this kind of immediate nausea and getting sick.
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